Our Services

Real Estate Prospecting

We look for the best investment opportunities through our network of partners in the real estate market.

Investment Analysis

We do viability and return on investment studies so that our customers have maximum confidence in decision making.

Real Estate Mediation & Wealth Management

We ensure all monitoring in the choice of real estate, and in its management, whether in terms of sale or lease.

Financial Advice

We have a team of experienced consultants who support the entire investment process in order to seek the best returns for each investment.

Bureaucratic Support

We take care of all the administrative and legal documentation and process organization necessary for the investment process.

Construction Planning, Management and Execution

We ensure all aspects of construction or rehabilitation necessary for the investment, from planning, design to the execution of the work.

Present the best business opportunities with exclusivity and non disclosure.

Why Us?




The best opportunities


Non disclosure


I found Inc Investment because I needed a partner in my search for a property in Portugal. Since I am abroad, I needed someone in the field who could help me in the search of a property, in its rehabilitation and later in its management. And I can say that Inc was tireless, very transparent and always sought to advise me throughout the process.

Francisco AntunesInvestidor Particular

To entrust my investment on a company that seeks to care for its clients interests, following ethical values ​​within a framework of economic sustainability, for whom I am, is to believe in a team capable of reconciling the human, the ecological and financial. These are also values ​​that I believe in. I trust INC Investimentos.

Marília HenriquesInvestidor Particular